Mobile Electronics Magazine Knowledgefest 2022

Mobile Electronics Magazine Knowledgefest 2022

     We recently attended the Mobile Electronics Magazine Knowledgefest event in Las Vegas and came back with some amazing awards.
     We are truly grateful for you our clients in supporting our local businesses and also a big shout out to all of our peers in the mobile electronics industry. Here are the awards we received proudly.

Customer Experience
     Winning the best customer service award at Knowledge Fest 2022 was a mind-numbing experience. I didn’t know that my peers looked upon me like this.
     SoundsGood won this year because we were able to show them that our focus is not money: it’s customer satisfaction.
     My philosophy is simple: money is an outcome of doing great things! I found when I focus on money, it becomes a problem to deal with. When I focus on doing the next right thing, life is so much easier.

Customer Retention
     We retain customers by providing an excellent experience. The only time that customers really see us shine is when there is an issue with their products or service. We explain things to our valuable clients, like contingency plans so that they know that we are designed to take care of things if something goes away.
     It SoundsGood has 3 core values: Reputation; Transparency and Family.
     Since our reputation is so important to us, we will fight to the end to keep ours intact as it is great! Transparency keeps things simple with honest, open communication. Family Values allow us to work with the humane part or our DNA. Accidents happen, people get sick, life is unpredictable, we have learned that it is best to do the next right thing.
     We believe that people just want to be treated fairly and given opportunities to keep suffering to a minimum.
     Thank you everyone for making us better each year and supporting us.

2022 Mar 15th Keith McCumber

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