Be a safer driver with improved headlights. Safety First!

We get so many requests about people out driving their headlights, or their current factory vehicle headlights are just poorly lit and they have a hard time driving at night. Our team of experts at SoundsGood Auto had to come up with a plan because of all of our customers requests.

Here is what we did, we researched hundreds of brands of LED headlights and tested them all, heck we even ran over a few to see how durable they were. We talked to all of our LED headlight vendors to discuss who had the best headlight warranty for our clients. We put them in our own vehicles and continued testing them before we decided the brand we would carry to help make our customers and clients drive safer at night.

If you are looking to see better at night while driving, if you want to be a safer driver at night and have more visibility, we can light you up.

Stop by one of our two locations and see our lighting experts and they can explain which model will work best in your vehicle. We want you to be safe at night! 

2020 Oct 30th Keith M

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